Sarah was born, raised, and educated in Los Angeles, CA. She received an MFA in painting from Otis Parsons in 1988.

She continued her exploration and education when she moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in 1988, where she showed in the galleries and events that forged the next wave for a community dedicated to reaching out through the arts, nationally and globally. Showing in group and small or solo shows places like Sideshow Gallery, Holland Tunnel Gallery, Pierogi Gallery, WAH Center, Test Site Gallery, State of art Gallery, The Brooklyn Museum. Jack Tilton Gallery, Ronald Feldman Gallery, in NYC. In Los Angeles, Winger Gallery, LA Municipal Art Galleries, other states such as the New Orleans Museum of Contemporary Art, Center Gallery, New Jersey. In the Hudson Valley, places such as BRIK Gallery, GCCA, Catskill, Athens, Beacon, Hudson. Internationally, Europe, England, Ireland, Asia, including Japan.

Sarah moved to New York's Hudson River Valley region in 2005, bringing forth a renewed connection with nature and the intrinsic qualities that connect us.

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